The Quarrymen Rock The Cavern, Christine Joins The Mac: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]August 7th: in which the rest of The Quarrymen talk about their more famous bandmates who became The Beatles...The J. Geils song Peter Wolf wrote after Faye Dunaway dumped him...and Iron Maiden's Brice Dickenson talks airplanes...
Bring Money, And Lots Of It: Classic Seattle Rock Up For Auction!A lock of Kurt Cobain's hair? Hell Paul Allen could have him cloned!
The Beatles Meet Elvis And Lose Their Manager, And The Debut Of Pearl Jam: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]See the trailer for Elvi's little movie filmed at the Seattle World's fair in 1962....The Beatles talk about meeting Elvis in ' intimate chat with their manager Brian Epstein, and more in today's bitchin' videos!
Elvis Does The Seattle World's Fair And Meets The Beatles; Pearl Jam's Debut: This Day In Classic Rock [Video]See the original trailer for Elvis' movie at the Seattle '62 World's Fair...a reenactment of The Beatles meeting Elvis, and the actual Beatles talk about it...Pearl Jam live at the mural amphitheater in '91, and Alex Lifeson is a funny funny guy!

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