Wednesday, October 15

Before Danny can explain what he means by the opening line, “Well now it’s just getting creepy,” Sarah is fascinated that Danny has already begun to wear pajamas even though it’s not very cold outside. Then Sarah becomes concerned Danny will catch on fire in his pajamas. Not as in, “Hey, those pajamas are made of material that is very flammable,” but, “Hey, I am legitimately worried you are going to light yourself on fire somehow in the middle of the night.” Listen:

In Ft. Pierce, a 27-year-old woman was found stark naked running around a neighborhood, yelling and screaming.

And, if you missed any of the action happening in MLB PLAYOFFS?!, let Oldie Timey Baseball Guy fill you in:

When asked what type of animal he would like to be reborn as, Danny replied with, “Silverback Gorilla.” Similarly, Mike Jones responded with a very strong, threatening animal that most people would not dare mess with: “Tardigrade.”

Topics on today’s Danny Bonaduce Life Coach included a a 16-year-old girl whose relationship complications may be due to excessive drinking. For more information about DBLC, visit the “Ask Danny” page here.

Before everybody darted for the door at 9:00 am, the show was graced with the presence of Gary Crow:

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