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Listen To Today’s Danny Bonaduce Show – Tuesday, July 22

Danny took his son to the Mariners game last night, and Sarah admonishes Danny for not having garlic fries, which she contends are the next best thing to the actual baseball. Danny and Dante did, however, hold hands. They also shared a pizza that they set stop a trash can. He also forsook Cracker Jacks for oysters and Pad Thai, because that’s how Bonaduce rolls.

Sarah saw an article about things people pretend to like, and one item on the list was oysters. Also on the list: looking at pictures of other people’s kids. Sarah contends people also pretend to like Shakespeare. Danny thinks people pretend to enjoy progressive jazz. Mike Jones believes people pretend to like caviar. What do you think people just pretend to like?

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, advises a woman who needs help with her addiction to marijuana, especially now that it is legal.

Sarah reminds us of the old prank of sewing shrimp bodies into somebody’s curtains so their place stinks but they can’t trace the odor. This reminds Sarah of returning from vacation to a pile of dirty clothes that had a wet towel on top, which raised an awful stink. Danny once thought it would be a good idea to boil kidneys, and the smell turned him off from doing that again. Have you ever discovered something that smelled awful in your home?

All this, and Sarah’s Filthy Forecast, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.

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