Inside the CBS Radio building, I reside on the second floor with Vanderpool, Will, Stacy Ireland, a few KMPS folks — and I share an office with our Digital Content Producer, Stacy (or Penelope, if you prefer).

The atmosphere on the second floor is much more relaxed than it is on the first floor. Down on the ground level, there are account executives, sales managers, marketing personnel, etc. Up here, we are all in t-shirts, have a couple TVs, a few comfy chairs and, most importantly, we have direct access to a ping pong table. I cannot stress enough how beneficial having a ping pong table at the office is. It’s the perfect stress reliever, provides a little bit of exercise and holding brief matches breaks up the day.

Stacy and I typically play three to five matches each day; first one to eleven wins. To keep things interesting, we put a wager on every match. And, since implementing a “no monetary wager” rule, the wagers have been far more creative than “you owe me a coffee.” For instance, last week Stacy lost a match and was forced to go up on the fifth floor of the building, take the elevator down right at 5:00 pm (when everybody is starting to leave the building) and press all the buttons so the elevator would stop on each floor, causing a snag in everyone’s great escape from the rat race. ‘Twas a scene, man.

Today, I won…again. And I have to confess, this could be the best bet I have ever won.

After suffering an 11-6 loss, Stacy was forced to listen to the MC5’s “Kick Out The Jams” ten times in a row (on volume 10). For me, it was 28.6 minutes of bliss. But for Stacy, it was a harrowing half-hour. As I violently played air drums, I watched Stacy deteriorate, endure the evil powers of rock ‘n’ roll. It was clear she was tiptoeing dangerously close to dementia by the eighth rendition.

Every two minutes and 58 seconds, Rob Tyner would roar, “Kick out the jams, m***********s!” Subsequently, Stacy’s eyes would grow dizzy.

I am happy to report Stacy is in good spirits now and can recite most of the lyrics to what I consider the most important song of all-time.

Stacy chronicled her time below:


(Oh, that was me.)


-The Beatnik


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