On my second day of the job here I had the pleasure of meeting Danny Bonaduce. Having been born in 1989, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did a quick search on Wikipedia – and double checked Reddit and Twitter – to confirm that yes, this was in fact the guy.  My meeting with Danny was what can only be described* as a brief-yet-magical moment (*some details have been added for dramatic effect):

It’s morning. the Beatnik and Penelope walk into the studio where Danny, in all of his glory, turns to face them.

“Hi, I’m Stacy,” says Penelope, reaching out her hand.

Danny shakes Penelope’s hand, but he has no time for niceties – this is Danny Bonaduce, and he needs to get to the bottom of something. “You have an interesting color to you,” he says.

Still new to the building, and not yet sure where the HR department is, Penelope decides to roll with it. “Thank you,” she says, before clarifying, “do you mean an aura?”

Danny doesn’t mean an aura; this is KZOK and auras are for idiots. He means her straight-up skin color.

“You look tan,” Danny says, “is that from a bottle or do you go tanning?”

Penelope answers that it’s a faux tan (because skin cancer is for real, guys) and Danny nods. Danny goes on to explain that it’s only right that he point it out for her.

Meanwhile, Beatnik is turning bright red wondering if he’s witnessing @TheDoochMan scaring off CBS Seattle’s newest employee.

Tune in tomorrow to hear it from Danny’s perspective of the encounter, but for now, listen to the show’s reaction below.

-Non-Crazy Stacy, KZOK


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