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Listen To Today’s Danny Bonaduce Show – Thursday, March 27

Gibbons reports that his new lady friend’s dad was not pleased by Danny referring to her as a “10 peso whore” yesterday on the air. Will doesn’t have similar problems, because he hasn’t met his new lady friend’s dad, and when asked if he has met her family, Will reports he doesn’t plan on being around that long. Gasp! Sarah thought of Danny this morning when she read the news that Zac Efron got in a brawl in a sketchy area of downtown Los Angeles. Naturally, when we think about brawling in sketchy neighborhoods, Danny comes to mind. Yesterday, hilarity ensued after Amy took recycling out to the bin and Danny decided to lock the door, then turn around and press his buttocks against the glass of the door and do what he called “the butt dance.” Danny admits that the several times he has exposed his buttocks in recent weeks constitutes “a cry for help.” We’re here for you, Doochman.

Sarah reported earlier this week about trespassers at the World Trade Center, including a couple of CNN staffers who tried to sneak in to see if they could, but were caught. Sarah shares that she and some friends once snuck into a closed giant deli and had a mini feast. Mike Jones and his pals used to sneak onto the roofs of buildings in downtown Seattle. Have you ever snuck into someplace you weren’t supposed to be?

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, advises a woman who takes care of her mom but is feeling drawn toward moving closer to a new boyfriend who lives three states away.

Sarah reports on a survey about office dressing habits that revealed workers dress up most on Monday, and of course the least on Friday, which is often “casual Friday.” Sarah has noticed a coworker here who wears crazy tall high heels. Mike Jones used to work at a radio station that had a duck mascot, a duck mascot that once punched a cop who was also sleeping with his girlfriend. Will can relate, as he has been known to don a parrot costume from time to time, and he also used to wear the Red Robin costume. Have you ever seen outrageous outfits in the workplace?

All this, and Sarah’s Filthy Forecast, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.

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