Take a second to appreciate that title. Seriously, read it again. All me.

Anyway, Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer has launched his new brand of gourmet coffee: Rockin’ & Roastin’ Cofee. As of today, it’s on sale at 2,000 retail locations on the east coast — from Maine to Virginia. You can find the bags just about anywhere that would normally sell coffee: gas stations, Costco or grocery stories.

The coffee is available in three roasts: Ethiopian, Guatemalan and Sumatran. The organic beans grown in the shade where it takes longer than sun grown to harvest, but the end product is better: for the consumer and for the Earth.

Coffee may just be the beginning for Kramer — he says he has a Massachusetts-based, rock and roll-themed cafe in the works too. For now, Joey’s Cafe is just a blog.

I just don’t get why he isn’t smiling in the picture he’s using to sell the beans. Joey, lighten up, man. You have your own coffee brand and you are going to be able to afford a 59th motorcycle to your collection now.

-Chris Coyle, KZOK 


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