Motley Crue The Latest Band Pretending To Call It Quits

The story:
Los Angeles hair-metal quartet Motley Crue has confirmed the band will have one final farewell tour next year before saying goodbye to fans.

In an interview with Billboard, Vince Neil says the group isn’t using the term “farewell” loosely, promising he and the boys are planning “one more time around the world” next spring after which they’ll “kinda call it quits.”

He says that it’s “just that time” and the goal is to go out “on top” while they are still selling out arenas and stadiums. Neil made a point to say that their farewell is “not gonna be a KISS farewell” and that it’s “definitely for real.” But that doesn’t mean they won’t ever take the stage again. Neil says that he’s sure that five or ten years down the line, they’ll “probably do something again together.”


This is where the commentary comes in: What is the point?

Neil says, “definitely for real,” but turns around and says, “probably do something again together.” Again…what is the point?

At least he’s being honest about blatantly lying…

Farewell tours — and now even break-ups — are feeling more and more orchestrated. I don’t know…the definitions of the words “farewell” and “break-up” could have changed recently and I never got the memo. That’s not completely out of the question. Did you know the word “literally” literally doesn’t mean “literally” anymore?

I cannot think of one major band in the last 30 years (mind you I’ve only been alive for about 28.93 years) that has made a big deal about breaking up or promoting a farewell tour without breaking that promise in some form.

Van Halen? Nope. Smashing Pumpkins? Nope. Pink Floyd? Nope. Rage Against the Machine? Alright, I’m boring myself.

You’d be quick to think it’s just a ploy for more dough. “If we say its our last tour, more people will come,” Pete Townshend probably said once.

But I don’t think that’s the case because it’s not just the major label, arena-filling monster bands calling an audible a few years down the road. Smaller bands in the club circuit with cult followings aren’t immune to having a change of heart. One of my favorite bands of all-time did it. Rocket from the Crypt, the blistering, horn-heavy, soulful punk outfit held a full-blown funeral for its last hurrah in 2005, calling it the “R.I.P. show” and eventually released an album and DVD of the performance. Fast-forward to 2013, the band is back at it; RFTC did a brief European tour and have played a handful of festivals this summer.

Why do bands do this? I don’t know…take the poll:

-Chris Coyle, KZOK


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