By Scott Vanderpool

Who can forget the first time they heard Time from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon? The answer of course is nearly everybody because, and we can freely admit it now that it’s legal in our state, we were under the influence of stuff that can sometimes make you forget details like when and where, but totally remember your jaw hanging on the floor at the psychedelic masterpiece Floyd had created in undoubtedly very much the same stoned state you were in.

Useless but fascinating KZOK Pink Floyd factoids:

  • The clocks-and-alarms sequence at the song’s beginning was created by Abbey Road producer/engineer Alan Parsons (who went on to start his own band The Alan Parsons Project) before they started working on Dark Side as a test for some new Quadrophonic sound equipment they ended up using on Quad version of the album, but the format never took off.
  • Time is the ONLY song on Dark Side of the Moon credited to all four members of Pink Floyd, and sports some tasty harmonies between David Gilmore and Rick Wright.
  • Nick Mason’s scattered drum fills at the beginning were played on a relatively new invention called Roto-Toms, which are sort of like Timbales that can be tuned to specific notes just by Turning ’em. Actually that factoid is only fascinating to drummers.
  • Pink Floyd played this song live for quite a while before the record came out, experimenting and changing it before they went to Abbey Road to record it, in fact the first Live performance of ALL of Dark Side of the Moon was in London well over a year before the record came out in 1973.


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