KZOK’s own morning show host Danny Bonaduce had quite an interesting weekend. On Friday night (Sept. 28), a “fan” bit Bonaduce’s face during a meet-and-greet at a Washington state casino, where he was emceeing a Hell’s Belles show. And yet, Bonaduce tells us that the incident is far from his strangest. He was heading out to the hospital when we caught up with him, potentially to get stitches on his cheek.

“I’m gushing blood from the face from a little girl who just bit me, and someone asked if that’s the weirdest thing that ever happened to me,” Bonaduce says. “I didn’t even have to wait a second to say no. I once got into a fight with a guy and I had my knees on his chest, and he leaned forward and bit my penis. So by far, this is not the weirdest thing that’s happened to me.”

He adds with a laugh: “I’d be willing to have that guy bite my wang again to have the No. 1 radio show.”

So what exactly happened Friday night? Bonaduce explains that the biter was a small, nicely-dressed woman who declared her lifelong love and asked for a kiss during a meet and greet. “Then she latched onto my head and bit so hard on my cheek, grinding her teeth so I could hear core vessels popping in my face. All I could think was, ‘bath salts! bath salts!'”

Bonaduce doesn’t actually think she was high on drugs (“some people are just freaks,” citing the religion known as the Partridge Family Temple). However, he isn’t totally ruling out the zombie trend. “They take zombies very seriously up here [in Seattle],” he says.

However, Bonaduce isn’t quite sold on the zombie angle because his biter didn’t run away after making him “gush blood.” “I said to my wife, ‘some chick just bit my face, where did she go?’ And she hadn’t moved five steps, with 100 people are surrounding her! The police came and got her, but I don’t think they could arrest her because I wouldn’t press charges.”

Not only is Bonaduce not pressing charges (something his wife is less-than-thrilled about), he ask that his attacker be allowed to watch the concert, which he still attended (“I’m gonna be no less bitten if she goes to see the show”). Danny also says he will not be getting a body guard, a precaution his boss here at KZOK originally suggested, because “it will appear that [he’s] hired someone to keep people who like [him] away.”

“The Bible says, ‘turn the other cheek,'” Bonaduce says, “and for this much press, I’m willing to.”

– Jillian Mapes, CBS Local


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