We haven’t done one of these for a few weeks, largely on account of we’re pretty sure you didn’t want to see Avery The Yodeling Woodcarver at the Norwegian Cultural Center…but we’ve got tickets all day this Friday to see two of the greatest American bands in Rock History, coming to the Tacoma Dome Wednesday August 8th:  Aerosmith and Cheap Trick!  All day Friday anytime you hear the stage announcer from Woodstock say “It’s a Free Concert From Now On…” try to be the 10th caller at 1-800-252-1025.  If you haven’t won anything from KZOK in the last 30 days, can operate a telephone, and are #10….you’re there!

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  1. Barbara Smith says:

    Im kind of old and did not catch your text number to try for the Aerosmith tickets. My husband would absolutely freak to see them in concert and it happens to be right around his birthday. Could you please post your text number for me? Thank you so much.

    And Danny, just to let you know I happened to have a huge crush on you when I was a kid. And for the lady that said you are a HAS BEEN. She is the one that is a no body. You are far from a has been. How many people ever had crushes on her in her lifetime. You can say tons of people have had crushes on you. On top of that millions of people will always remember Danny Partridge. Who will ever remember her? Your amazing and don’t let anyone ever say that to you…….Love you Danny. Your friend, Barb Smith

    1. For future reference the KZOK text number is always: 24300

  2. What is the phone # to the Aerosmith Concert contest?

    1. Free Concert Friday with Aerosmith and Cheap Trick was last Friday….but the KZOK phone number is always 1-800-252-1025…..but remember the $8K a Day contest, which now includes $80K Thursdays….has it’s own phone number: 1-866-EASY-WIN (1-866-327-9946). Good luck, and may the odds ever be in your favor!

    2. Barb Smith says:

      Thank you Scott.
      Barb Smith

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