Is it your birthday?

Chekov from Star Trek…Walter Koenig is 75………………………….Walter was born in Chicago, and has been criticized for having an in-authentic Russkie accent…but he says he took it from his Dad…a Russian Jewish immigrant….and also couldn’t pronounce the “V” in “Wodka”….Walter was one of only two people to audition for the role of Chekov in Star Trek, and got the job because he sort of looked like Davy Jones from the Monkees…but he already had a major receding hairline at age 30, and in early episodes he’s wearing a Beatle-wig made by the show’s costume designers….later he managed the look with a comb-over

Pete Agnew, is 66 he’s the bass player for Nazareth,

Steve Gaines would be 62 guitarist and songwriter for Lynyrd Skynyrd… Killed in a plane crash on 20th October 1977 at 28 , he replaced another guitarist,

Ed King…in Skynyrd in 1976…who was born on the exact same day….Woah…. Ed King was in a psychedelic band called the Strawberry Alarm Clock, who Skynyrd opened up for

Paul Kossoff would be 61 he was the guitar player for, Free, Kossoff he died not in a plane crash, but of a heart attach ON a plane in 1976

Steve 55 sax and keyboards in Los Lobos,

And Born On This Day in 1983….Amy Winehouse, found dead in her London home on July 24th


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