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Aerosmith Is Just Teasing Us…

They are in the studio, and they keep on creating little “teases”.  This one gives us a glimpse of a new Aerosmith groove…

And the cool part is the on going collaboration between Joe Perry and Steven Tyler.

John B from the Aerosmith fan club, AeroForce One also had this to say…

“With the temps hovering in the mid 90’s to low 100’s outside, the band stay cool in the cozy confines of Pandora’s Box each day with Jack Douglas laying down tracks for their next release. As you know the band hasn’t had a studio album since Bobo in 2004 and an original release since 2001 with Just Push Play. Jack reminds me of Doc Brown from Back to the Future. He seems crazy as a loon but also as sane as a mental health counselor. He does bring an old school vibe with him but that doesn’t mean that this record is going to be the second coming of Rocks. Toys and Rocks to me may never be duplicated and they also stand as the benchmark to reach as iconic A-Smith albums but as Joe has stated in several interviews in the past few years that he feels that Aerosmith still hasn’t made their best album. The age old question from most people is, Will it sound like Rocks? C’mon folks, I think that is an unfair question, but what I will say is that this will sound like vintage Aerosmith. Think Bobo with killer original riffs. Joey’s playing with the precision of an Omega Speedmaster Professional and gets as funky as Clyde Stubblefield on his best days. Go ahead and say ‘yeah that’s what he gets paid to say’ but I am telling you this stuff is going to blow you guys away, for shizzle.”

Now, see for yourself.


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