Top Stories Of 2013

As 2013 winds down, we thought we’d go back, reminisce a bit, and see what stories on seemed to generate the most chatter. We narrowed it down to ten items, combining articles, blogs, videos, galleries — and even some rants!  We factored in web traffic, on-air discussions and what we heard from you out at events. So for the sake of chronicling the year, here is what stood out:

10. Heart’s Mike Derosier Talks Hall of Fame and Bonzo’s Big Beat

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2013 marked the year Seattle’s own Heart was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Drummer Michael Derosier was the backbeat of the legendary band from 1975 to 1982. He sat down and unloaded a plethora of gems with Scott Vanderpool ahead of the big Bonzo Birthday Bash back in May.

9. Soundgarden Looking For A New (Temporary?) Drummer

matt cameron by maria ives Top Stories Of 2013

This story just came down last month; Matt Cameron’s “problem” of being in two of the biggest bands on the planet may have finally caught up with him…

8. 14-Year-Old Chick Shreds On ‘Eruption’ [Video]

shred Top Stories Of 2013

Stacy Ireland stumbled upon a YouTube clip back in May and shortly after sharing, the video exploded. Watch a 14-year-old girl (who could be 15 by now) play the Van Halen classic note for note. As one of our listeners put it, this would be “many fathers’ proudest moments.”

7. Well, That Was F******* Sweet: A Long Recap of the Sonics/Mudhoney Showbox Gig


This concert review is lengthy, but it was hard for the Beatnik to omit anything from what was arguably the best club show of 2013. Two Puget Sound area legends on one billing: The Sonics and Mudhoney. Both bands were at the top of their game in front of a sold-out crowd that featured rock ‘n’ roll fanatics of all ages.

6. Robert Plant at Chateau Ste Michelle [Gallery]


This past July, legendary Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant was slated to play at the Gorge Amphitheatre as part of the JamBase Festival. But, about a month or so away from the date, the festival was cancelled, leaving many in the region disappointed. However, Plant and his backing band (The Sensational Space Shifters) called an audible and set at date at the very intimate Chateau Ste Michelle in Woodinville. The result was what many considered to be the best concert of the summer. (However, that ranking is to be debated further down the list!)

5. Paul McCartney on Pussy Riot: ‘Further Incarceration Will Be Harmful’


Sir Paul McCartney got involved in one of the biggest international censorship controversies of the past century back in May when he spoke out against the imprisonment of members of the feminist Russian punk band Pussy Riot. McCartney stressed the Russian administration should consider parole for the women behind bars. Members of Pussy Riot were sent to prison in 2012 for protesting Vladimir Putin in Moscow’s main cathedral.

4. Will. What The…?

20130814 174618 Top Stories Of 2013

August 15, 2013 will go down as “the day Will broke the internet” – Danny Bonaduce.
That quote is referring to the record Will set for the most traffic in one hour on because of a major, major miscommunication.

3. Ted Nugent: ‘Abortion, Not Guns, is Eliminating Inner-City Population’


Right-wing rocker Ted Nugent is no stranger to ruffling feathers. And in May he did just that by blogging about how there is a conspiracy in America to teach kids that guns are evil. Nugent says public schools have become “social engineering indoctrination camps” and that President Obama and his “ilk” are working the education system, Saul Alinsky-style, to destroy gun rights in America. Those were some of the tamer comments…

2. Jimi Hendrix Statue Vandalized, Two Arrests Made

img 1913 Top Stories Of 2013

Rule #1: Do NOT mess with Jimi.

1. ‘Sirvana’ At Safeco Field [Video]

sirvana Top Stories Of 2013

Earlier, we had mentioned how the Robert Plant concert was arguably the best show this summer. Well, the reason it’s up for debate is because Paul McCartney’s Safeco Field concert will go down in Seattle history. The former Beatle surprised the crowd — and the international rock ‘n’ roll community — when he brought out Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic to perform “Cut Me Some Slack” and “Get Back” — a move that only happened in the Emerald City on his “Out There” tour. 

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