Beatles Draw Record Crowd...And The KKK, Woodstock Starts Without Zeppelin, And Theremin's Birthday: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]August 15th: In which John, Paul, George, and Ringo refuse to play for a segregated audience, drawing the ire of the KKK...Woodstock starts without Zeppelin, who'd rather hang in Texas and drink tequila...and the strange instrument invented by Russkie Leon Theremin...
The Truth About Tequila...Happy National Tequila Day! Tequila is the Incredible Hulk of alcohol: intelligent and powerful, it’s traveled all over the world, but everywhere it goes a bunch of idiots make everyone think it’s a violent monster.
The Who's First Record, Stones Banned From Sullivan...Again,Ronnie Van Zant's Birthday: This Day In Classic Rock [Video]
National Tequila Day!!!
Sammy Hagar 63 Today - My, The Tequila Is Keeping Him Young

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