The Animals Top Dylan, And Skynyrd Guitarist Makes "That Smell": This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]Zeptember 5th: See all of John Lennon's best bits from the movie How I Won The War without having to watch the whole thing...A uber-rare studio outtake with Janis Joplin, and one of Freddy Mercury's greatest Queen shows ever....
The Premier Of Help!, The Debut Of Cream, The Birth Of Geddy: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]July 29th: In which we see movie trailers galore in today's videos: The Beatles Help!, Beware of Mr. (Ginger) Baker, and Martin Scorsese's Bob Dylan live Cream and Screaming Lord Sutch!
Love At First Sight For John And Paul, Bonzo Loves Buddy: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos],July 6th: In Which the stars align and Lennon meets McCartney and the strange coincidence of where it happened...and hear the new Santana, with the Woodstock-era lineup including two from Seattle...Seatana?
The Pink Cadillac, Private Gripweed, And That Smell: This Day In Classic Rock [Video]The true story of "That Smell", the inspiration for Bruce's "Pink Cadillac", and Aerosmith didn't write their 1st number one hit, which came 28 years after they started....
Ringo Pulls A Movie Name And Pretty Great Song Out Of His Arse, Thanks To John: This Day In Classic Rock [Video]Phil Collins tells you about being in A Hard Day's Night. Genesis wasn't the high point of his career, apparently. Nancy Sinatra sings a sappy song with her dad, but she's wearing boots, what do you want? More awesome videos this way!

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