Halloween's Greatest Hit, Zeppelin's Movie, Skynyrd's Plane Crash: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]Rocktober 20th: The sad story of Skynyrd's plane crash and an interview with a survivor...the original trailer for Led Zeppelin's The Song Remains the Same...live Who, The Police, Tom Petty on his birthday, and Ten Years After.....
Ian Anderson Schools Us On Jethro TullBefore Jethro Tull was a band, he was a guy in a powdered wig and codpiece...Ian Anderson has a multi-media "rock opera" extravaganza in the Moore theater tomorrow night that brings him into the 21st century!
John Nelson’s ‘Who’s Playin’ Where’ (12.5)The Boss Martians play Darrell's Tavern on Saturday night.
John Nelson’s ‘Who’s Playin’ Where’ (11.7)Check out Vandy's ensemble King County Queens in Shoreline on Friday.
John Nelson’s ‘Who’s Playin’ Where’ (6.6)Hell's Belles (all female AC/DC tribute band) plays Slim's Last Chance Saloon on Friday night.
John Nelson's 'Who's Playin' Where' (12.6)
John Nelson's 'Whos Playin' Where' (11.8)Check out what John Nelson recommends this week in the latest edition of "Who's Playin' Where"
Who’s Playin’ Where (3.1)KZOK's John Nelson brings you a list of what live music (particularly club and bar shows) is happening around town this weekend.
Just Say 'Yes,' Baby! The world is full of "no", but KZOK has your chance to say "Yes" before anybody else!
Free Concert Friday with Australian Pink Floyd

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