Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine Lead Rock and Roll Hall of Fame NomineesJudas Priest, Kate Bush, Dire Straits and the Eurythmics are among the other nominees.
MC5 Hoping Second Time's a Charm for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction"The musicians have always been the band's greatest champions."
'Kick Out The Jams' Ten Times In A Row
Jim Sings "Higher" On Sullivan, Paul Is Not Dead, And Queen "Ruin" Bicycle Seats: This Day In Classic Rock [Video]See The Doors controversial appearance on Ed Sullivan, hear conspiracy theories on Paul McCartney's death...and hear Paul talk about being dead....Turn me on, dead man! Plus the MC5 kick out that jams and more in today's bitchin' vids.
Rob Tyner Passes 22 Years Ago TodayOn this day in 1991 MC5 frontman Rob Tyner died of a heart attack at the age of 46.
MC5's Wayne Kramer In Seattle To Talk Mass IncarcerationA few years back, the MC5's Wayne Kramer-co founded Jail Guitar Doors (yes, that's in reference to The Clash song referring to Kramer's two-year stint in prison) which is a program that donates guitars to inmates to help with their rehabilitation process, and as Kramer puts it, "brings out the humanity" of people who've made mistakes that landed them behind bars.
Doors Banned From Sullivan, Who Blow Up Smothers Brothers: This Day In Classic Rock [Video]

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