Mike Gastineau:      You'll Never Guess Why TNF Is Here To Stay Read More
Paul Meets Jane, Neil's First Movie, Yes Break Up: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]April 18th: See Neil Young's first movie....it's about him. Paul McCartney and Jane Asher, the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of the 60's, and Alice Cooper's 1975 TV Special "Welcome to my Nightmare"!
Paul Meets Jane, Floyd Ditch Syd, And Welcome To Alice's Nightmare: This Day In Classic Rock [Video]RARE videos today! Paul with Jane Asher, Neil Young's first movie, Alice Cooper's TV Special! Michael Jackson's hair catching on fire! They gave Alice a TV special? No WAY!
The Beach Boys Rip Off Chuck Berry, John Lennon Offends The Bible Belt, CBS Sweeps The Clash Under The Rug: This Day In Classic Rock [Video]In which Beach Boy Brian Wilson, a pretty good songwriter, steals "Sweet Little 16" note-for-note; John Lennon slips that the Beatles are more popular than Jesus and offends fundamentalist Christians in the USA, and more...all with bitchin' videos.

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