Sarah's Beaver Becomes A Superhero [Video]Will Sarah's Beaver be able to defeat the evil arch nemesis Vanderpool?
The Beaver Goes To Team TryoutsSarah's Beaver tries to make the team....
Vanderpool vs. Bandwagon Fans [Video]Scott Vanderpool is overheard arguing with a bandwagon fan......
Sarah's Beaver Gets Ready For The Playoffs [Video]A win on Saturday could put the 'Hawks a step closer to becoming the first repeat champions in 10 years.
The KZOK 'To-Do' List [Video]Helping out KZOK's web team is actually more strenuous than you think.
KZOK's NFL Draft PreviewThere's a lot of speculation surrounding the Seahawks' camp right now in regards to who the team will take in the 2014 NFL Draft.
Sarah's Beaver Talks Hawks Again [Video]Sarah's Beaver and Scott Vanderpool go over the Seahawks' 2014 schedule.
Sarah's Beaver Makes Some New FriendsWe wanted to help people get to know Sarah's Beaver a little better...
Vanderpool's Very Important Phone Call [Video]On Tuesday afternoon, the Beatnik politely asked Scott Vanderpool to fix a post he'd created on Instead of hopping right on it, Vanderpool claimed he had a "very important phone call" to make at that the task could wait until later.
Sarah's Beaver Is Noisy? [Video]In the latest Beaver excursion, Sarah's Beaver seems to be causing a disruption at a KZOK staff meeting. that not the case?
Sarah's Beaver Sinks The PuckThe Seattle Thunderbirds are eyeing a Game 3 victory tonight in Kent against the Everett Silvertips. The T-birds are just two wins away from advancing to the next round of the WHL playoffs. There is no one more excited than Sarah's Beaver.
Sarah's Beaver And The Bracket ChallengeHave you filled out your bracket yet for the madness? The Beaver has! Get on it!

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