Help Support A KZOK Listener After Heart Attack On New York Road Trip

Author: Nate & Spike

Dan and Cathie Roberts joined Nate & Spike, along with a group of 12’s, for a once in a lifetime trip to New York to see the Seahawks take on the New York Giants.

Every part of the trip went perfectly until Dan suffered a major cardiac incident on their last night in town. Now they find themselves thousands of miles from home with Dan undergoing major surgery, and a two week convalescence period in NYC before they are able to return home to the Northwest.

Dan’s family has started a GoFundMe page, which you can find HERE, to help with lodging, transportation, food, and uncovered medical costs. The staff at KZOK are chipping in to help this wonderful couple and their family get thru this difficult time, and we’d love to see fellow 12’s help out as well!

#GoHawks! #GoDan!

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