Sarah’s Beer of the Week 11.02.17

Every few months a group of us get together for a “Beer Hang”. Everyone brings a few bottles of something special, something they love or something they’re excited to try. We share the beer in small tasting glasses. It’s a really fun way to try new beers. It’s also a great way to sample different styles, and get to know different brewers and varieties. This week, one of our friends brought over award winning beer from The Alchemist in Vermont. Heady Topper is widely considered to be one of the best beers in the world. I’ve only been lucky enough to have it once. Until now. In addition to the Heady Topper, they brought over The Alchemists Pappy Porter, Skadoosh IPA and Beelzebub Imperial Stout. Sighs were let out. Smiles abound. No one wanted their glasses to be empty. The Alchemist is making world class beers. You can’t buy them in WA, but if you make it to the East Coast you must put this on your list. In fact, I’m going to wrap this up so I can check airfare to Vermont. Cheers!

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