Sarah’s Beer of the Week 10.19.17

Astoria Oregon. Home to The Goonies. And Fort George Brewery. While I haven’t been to the brewery, I do periodically buy cans of their delicious beer. This time around, a friend brought over a can of the special edition Suicide Squeeze IPA. This is a collaboration with the Seattle record label Suicide Squeeze. They are using a variety of hops, Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo. It packs a hop punch but isn’t bitter. Nice smooth aftertaste. 7.2% ABV, so you feel it but don’t taste the heat of a higher ABV brew. It’s a smooth, very good tasting IPA. This is a limited edition beer that is usually found in the Spring/Summer. Perfect time to drink it as it has a full body but is refreshing. While Fall is arrived, a beer like this is helping me hang on to the warm weather memories as long as a can. Bigger, bolder IPA’s and stouts are right around the corner. Until then, I’ll savor this delicious can of Suicide Squeeze IPA. YUM.

Happy beer face

Fort George Brewing

Cool can

Fort George Suicide Squeeze IPA

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