Sarah’s Beer of the Week 10.12.17

This week, an unusual beer made its way to me.  The woman we call ‘The Cat Whisperer” gave it to me.  TCW is my cat sitter, Chastity.  She spends time with Danny’s cat too.  Not only is she great with cats, she’s a beer lover.  She gave me a bottle of catnip beer, from Black Raven Brewing Co.  Black Raven like to use some unique ingredients, and the results tend to be delicious.  This beer is indeed made for humans, and catnip is just one of the ingredients.  Kitty Cat Blues Pale Ale has vanilla, blueberry and of course hops are part of the mix.    This is a pale ale, one of my favorite styles.  What an interesting combo here.  I can’t say that I’ve ever tried catnip before, so I’m not sure how bold that flavor is!  The nice part, is it’s not too sweet, despite the vanilla and blueberry.  The blueberry aroma comes through.  There is nice bitterness, but a slightly sweet finish.  It’s a very different flavor profile, but yet is still beery.

I know, you’re wondering if I rolled around the floor with a stuff mouse, sat randomly in a cardboard box, chased a fly, swatted Matt for no reason or took four naps in the middle of the day.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.  Meow.


Happy Beer Face

Sleepy kitty

She got into some cat nip earlier

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