Sarah’s Beer of the Week 10.05.17

I’ve been writing my beer blog for many moons now and one point of noticed from the get go is the camaraderie between breweries. Brewers want other brewers to succeed. And most have respect for other breweries and what they are doing. That point was further enforced when I attended Elysian’s Great Pumpkin Beer Festival at the Seattle Center. Sadly, KZOK’s brewing partners at Bellevue Brewing Company were not one of local participants this year, but many many others from WA and around the country were. Big Time Brewing, Hi-Fi Brewing, Georgetown Brewing, Lowercase Brewing, Mollusk Brewing…and that’s just to name a few. There were SO many beers to choose from. Now, I’ll admit, pumpkin beer is not my favorite. But I did sample an incredible array of flavors and styles. A few standouts for me: Elysian’s Torta Porta (a spicy porter that was outstanding), Wicked Weed Brewing’s Smokin’ Pumpkin Porter, Pfriem Family Brewers Pumpkin Beer, and Dogfish Head Punkin’. There is so much beer to drink, but there is much more to this festival than the drinking. There were bands playing, pumpkin carving, displays, food trucks and lots of people dressed in orange. If you missed out on this years festival, put this on your must do list for next year.  Prost!


Great outfit!

Chaotic Noise Marching Corps

Chaotic Noise Marching Corps

Sarah and a pumpkin

Dave and Olivia

Sarah and Elysian’s Dave Buhler



Making new friends

Traxedo’s. Genius.

Orange is the theme!

pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving

Dave Buhler from Elysian

Ice sculpture

The crowd builds at the Seattle Center

Pumkin beer selfie

Beautiful day at the Seattle Center

Oh My Gourd!


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