Sarah’s Beer of the Week 09.28.17

If you are a beer drinker, Chuck’s Hop Shop is a must.  The tap list is huge.  The bottles are seemingly endless.  You can drink in or take it home.  They have every style of beer imaginable.  Matt and I stopped in to their Central District location (the other is Greenwood) over the weekend.  While he went for a sour, I opted for an IPA.  No shock there.  I spotted something I’d never seen, a Mango IPA from Bale Breaker Brewing Company.  Bale Breaker makes an outstanding IPA and Pale.  Turns out this is a special collaboration between Mexican brewers in Mexico, and the BB brewers in Yakima.  It’s to celebrate the Mexican migrant workers who pick the hops.  Pretty cool.  The beer is very delicious.  It’s very hoppy, bold, but does not have a lot of mango flavor.  It’s not very fruity.  But, it’s a very good IPA!  If you are looking for a fruit beer, you haven’t found it.  If you’re looking for a complex IPA with a sweetish edge, here ya go.  And don’t forget to visit Chucks…so good!

Bale Breaker at Chuck’s

Tons of taps

Matt having a taste of his brew

Look at all this beer

Happy beer face

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