Sarah’s Beer of the Week 09.14.17

I spent last week in Hong Kong and Singapore .  Asia isn’t a hotbed of up and coming craft breweries, and part of that is because it’s just hot.  Most of the beer you want to drink is lighter, less ABV and easy drinking.  Carlsberg is everywhere, as is Tsingtao (from China). Tiger Beer is from Singapore and has been around since 1932.  When it’s 80% humidity, and 95 degrees, a lager goes down quite nicely.  I did manage to find a few interesting local beers, and some that packed a bit more flavor.  Check out my pictures below!

Hong Kong craft beer

A speakeasy in Hong Kong

Beer from Hong Kong in Hong Kong

Pouring a Tiger beer in Singapore

Tiger beer in Singapore

Matt having a brew in Hong Kong

Random beer from South Korea in the mini bar

Spicy Crab and Tsingtao in HK

Tsingtao with Spicy Crab in HK

Carlsberg beer with Singapore shrimp

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