Sarah’s Beer of the Week 08.17.17

Paul the Butcher aka Producer Paul brought me in a beer he thought I’d enjoy.  One he had a hard time not picking up, considering its name.  Belching Beaver Brewery out of San Diego makes something called Me So Honey.  Come on, how do you NOT buy that. He split the sixer with me, which was incredibly kind.  Even more so once I realized how delicious this beer is.  I am a fan of honey, but somehow, would never buy a honey beer.  In my brain they don’t go together.  I don’t want my beer sweet.  In this case, my brain is wrong.  Belching Beaver have found the balance.  This beer is smooth, it’s not overly sweet.  There is some taste of honey, but it’s not cloying, nor does it make you think of tea.  This is more like a wheat beer, but no banana.  There was good carbonation here, making this a great end of summer brew.  And the bonus?  C’mon, the name made you laugh, didn’t it…

This is darn nasty brew

Having a sip

Happy beer face

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