Sarah’s Beer of the Week 08.03.17

Whenever we’re craving Korean food, we defer to our friend Leon. He’s Korean, and has sussed out all of the best spots in WA. He took a group of us to Old Village Korean BBQ. It’s a grill your own BBQ, with the worlds most gigantic menu. He ordered us a huge array of delicious food, and drink. The go to beer for this type of meal is OB Premier. It’s a South Korean pilsner. He also ordered a traditional sake type of beverage called Makkoli. Like the Japanese counterpart, this is a type of rice wine, that is slightly sweet and low in alcohol. Unlike sake, this is slightly effervescent. While the OB Premier isn’t going to knock your sock off, it’s a great style of beer to drink with hot spicy Korean food. Plus. the big bottles make it easy to share. Get adventurous and try Korean food and bev. And Old Village is fun, because you get to cook it yourself!



OB Premier Pilsner


Sarah and Darren and Korean wine


The table has a doorbell, you ring for service at your table!


Pork belly

Everything cookin’ up

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