Sarah’s Beer of the Week 07.20.17

For my beer of the week I’m featuring 210 Brewing Co. out of Arlington. 210 Brewing is inside of Angel of the Winds Casino Resort. That’s a first! I’ve never been to a brewery inside a casino before. 210 Brewing Co has lots of different styles, and Paul and I managed to try every one. And then tried more. Paul was all over the Honey Brown, and Vince Falcone, the brewer let Paul try the locally made honey that goes in it. I was partial to the Pale Ale. They’ve managed to have something for every taste. Vince was raving about the creative freedom he’s allowed at 210 Brewing, which isn’t always the case. He is barrel aging some beers.  He’s looking forward to experimenting and trying out new beers, also with local ingredients. I was really impressed with the brew here, and can’t wait to hit up the casino again. See you there!

210 Brewing Co.

Sarah with Mike from Sultan

The taps

The taps

Barrel aging


A thing of beauty

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