Sarah’s Beer of the Week 07.13.17

I spent last week in Maine vacationing with my family. Lots of hiking, relaxing, lobster eating and…beer. Maine is known for their blueberries, and seem to put them in a lot of beer. I am not a big fan of fruit beer, so I sought out something else to imbibe. I found a stout from from Atlantic Brewing Company out of Bar Harbor. This Irish style stout is named for Cadillac Mountain, a gorgeous spot, famed for being the first place to see the sun rise in the USA. I’ve hiked it many a time, but I’m not getting up that early on my vacation week. Instead, I drank a beer named in its honor. This is a top notch stout; roasty, and toasty, but not too much ‘coffee’ flavor, which made me happy. I don’t drink a lot of stout this time of year, so this was a nice change of pace, and quite delicious on a chilly Maine summer night. If you’ve not been to Maine, I highly recommend it. Acadia National Park is an incredible part of our country. If you go, make sure to try something from Atlantic Brewing Co!

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