Sarah’s Beer of the Week 06.29.17

San Diego has a great beer scene. So many breweries, so many tap rooms, so many bottles.  One of many notable breweries is  AleSmith Brewing Company.  I wish it was easier to find their beers up here in the PNW.  I love me some Pale Ale.  They make a ‘San Diego Style Pale Ale’.  I have zero idea what that means, but I DO know that it’s incredible.  Pale’s should be hoppy.  Not bitter.  Decent ABV but not over the top.  This hits on all marks.  If you visit San Diego, beer drinking is a must.  I’d highly recommend AleSmith.  And if you’re a burger person, stop by The Balboa.  Great burgers, beers list, music and bartenders.

AleSmith on tap

The Balboa menu

Sarah in San Diego

Sarah and Matt and AleSmith Pale Ale

Beer list at Balboa

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