Sarah’s Beer of the Week 06.01.17

We spent the weekend in Walla Walla drinking wine, but of course I couldn’t say no to trying some local brew as well.  While at dinner at Passatempo I tried a pale ale from Burwood Brewing Company.  This is a brewery I’ve never heard of before.  I found this pale to be nicely balanced, and not overly hoppy.  A nice mellow malt to it as well.  This beer was so nice I had it twice.  It went very well with the delicious Italian food from Passatempo.  If you’re in Walla Walla and need a break from wine, this will certainly be a refreshing option for you.

Passatempo beer list

Happy beer face

Having a taste of Burwood Brewing Pale Ale

Pale Ale from Burwood

The restaurant

Passatemp in Walla Walla

fresh burrata

giant ravioli

fresh pasta with pancetta

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