Sarah’s Beer of the Week 02.16.17

Founders Brewing Company is a brewery out of Michigan.  While I’ve been to Detroit, MI not a place I spend much time.  I did, however, get to enjoy beer from Founders when Danny and I lived in Philly.  I was at Chuck’s Hop Shop a few weeks ago, and they had just announced Founders would be available here in WA.  Huzzah!  These guys are brewing some really good stuff.  I got a bottle of their Backwoods Bastard, which is a barrel aged beer.  C’mon now, winter in Seattle just begs for barrel aged brews.  This is a serious beer, really made for chilling out (or getting warmed up) on a cold winter night.  It’s 11.2% ABV, so sipping is encouraged.  Despite it’s high ABV, it doesn’t feel hot on the tongue.  It is super complex, with tons of amazing flavors.  It’s a scotch ale, aged in oak bourbon barrels.  Because of that, some of the flavors are self explanatory.  Other flavors that come through are vanilla, cocoa, fruits, and a little smoke.  It’s sort of like an adults only dessert in a glass.  Although, I did see that once in a restaurant and the shapes of that dessert made me blush.  Anyway, celebrate the fact that Founders is available here, they’re making some great brews.  Plenty of IPA’s, a porter, scotch ale and more.  Cheers!


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