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Deanna Adler’s Book Details Son Steven’s Drug Addiction and Other Guns N Roses

"My darkest fears exploded when I found Steven in the center of the bathroom floor, naked."

By Anthony Donatelli

Guns N’ Roses are of course widely regarded as one of the world’s great rock bands.

But with triumph comes tragedy and that’s exactly what Deanna Adler, the mother of GNR drummer Steven Adler, talks about in her tell-all book, Sweet Child of Mine: How I Lost My Son to Guns N’ Roses.”

Steven was one of the originals of the band, joining Axl, Slash, Izzy and Duff, but a crippling heroin addiction led to him being kicked out.

Adler shares her incredible story of a mother’s devotion to her self-destructive son and exposes worldwide drug abuse. Reader’s discover Dr. Howard Kornfield, Steven’s Opioid Rehab doctor, was prescribing him with over $2,000.00 in prescription drugs per month.

In a shocking twist, readers also find out that this was the same doctor who was prescribing drugs for Prince during the time of his passing.

In an excerpt from Sweet Child of Mine, Alder writes:

My darkest fears exploded when I found Steven in the center of the bathroom floor, naked, his body bent at an impossible angle. He was soaked in a pool of blood and mucus. His face was smashed beyond recognition, his mouth and chin looked completely caved in.

I reached for my son and almost slipped on some pebbles strewn across the tile. Then I realized they were Steven’s teeth. I dropped to my knees, crying hysterically.

I heard a groan, then… “ma.”

Over multiple rehab attempts, heart attacks, suicide attempts and a stroke, Adler never gave up on her son.

Today, Steven is sober and is back on the road with the original members of GNR.

Adler’s story delivers a powerful and inspirational message for anybody dealing with drug addiction that is simple and clear: never lose hope and never quit.

Deanna Adler

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