Danny Helps Replace Stolen Baseball Equipment

Thursday morning Sarah shared a story about a local Bellevue Little League team that had their balls, mits and catcher’s gear stolen. Without missing a beat, or checking with his wife, Danny quickly said, “I’ll replace the baseball gear”.

KIRO 7 reported that surveillance cameras caught the crooks in action. Coach Ray, the Bellevue Giants coach, removed one bag and two containers full of his team’s gear from the back of his truck. He set it by the back of a building, by his West Seattle home, intending to drive to the other side of the fence to bring them in.

A two door silver car drove down the alley, spotted the gear and preceded to put the vehicle in reverse and pull into the driveway. The passenger is seen grabbing the gear, putting the equipment in the car and driving away.


After reaching out to the league, Danny drove to Bellevue Thursday evening to visit the Giants during their practice, as they prepare for their Tuesday playoff game.

Here’s Thursday night’s KIRO 7 story with reporter Gary Horcher (@GaryKIRO7)


The original story with reporter Maria Guerrero (@MariaKIRO7) …


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