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Steve Miller May Be No-Show on HBO Rock Hall Broadcast

By Annie Reuter

Those who tune to the April 30 telecast of the Rock & Roll Hall expecting to see Steve Miller’s acceptance speech and performance might be in for a disappointment.

The rock legend has revealed in a new interview that he is still quibbling with HBO over television rights and could prevent the network from airing his portion of the awards ceremony.

“I spent part of today talking to my lawyer, and we’re still negotiating,” he told the San Diego Tribune. “We’re demanding they clean up their paper work — their paper work is just ridiculous! I wish I could send you a copy of the contract. When they tell you that you’ve been nominated, they don’t give you any information. It’s: ‘We’ll let you know how you do.’ They are a day late and a dollar short.”

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He adds: “They’re talking about (having you sign) releases and (them controlling) other people’s art; it’s as bad as any contract I’ve seen in 50 years. I’ve spent 3 months with them negotiating to clean it up and share it with everybody (else inducted this year). They pitted everybody against everybody else, and it’s all unnecessary. God. I could straighten it all out in a day.”

Miller said that everything in the contract is “hard to understand and murky”  and argues that artists don’t have any rights, adding that he doesn’t do contracts like this, regardless of the outlet.

The legend made headlines after he dissed the Rock Hall during his acceptance speech. Since then, the Black Keys have spoken out about their uncomfortable run in with Miller, who they helped induct.

“He said, ‘The whole process was unpleasant,'” Dan Auerbach told Rolling Stone. “And for [Black Keys drummer] Pat [Carney] and I, honestly, the most unpleasant part was being around him.”


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