Steve Miller Supporters Nikki Sixx and Kenny Lee Lewis Speak Out

By Robyn Collins

Steve Miller’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction speech will not soon be forgotten. His derogatory remarks about the Rock Hall from the stage have lingered in the minds of many and inspired impassioned responses, both pro and con. Miller’s supporters include Bob Lefsetz, Nikki Sixx and Steve Miller Band member Kenny Lee Lewis.

In The Lefsetz Letter, Lefsetz writes “That’s what’s so astounding about this Steve Miller thing. The reach it’s gotten. That’s the power of truth. That’s the power of the bully pulpit. And for Dan Auerbach to go complaining to Rolling Stone, the engine of the atrocities, is kinda like Hillary Clinton coming out for the banks. No one wants this truth Dan. But you’re afraid to call out the iniquities behind the curtain, as Mr. Miller did. 10k for a ticket? It’s at Barclays? When is enough money enough? Hell, Jann Wenner flies private when most of the inductees do not!”

In response to Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach, who said he regrets having introduced Steve Miller that night said, “F— the whining Black Keys, they will be day-old bread by next decade. But ‘The Joker’ will be playing in space stations into the next millennia like in [sic] Guardians of the Galaxies!”

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“As for Mr. Miller being called an a–hole and boorish for his bully pulpit moment, you spineless non artists who said it, you are disqualified from being able to make such a statement,” he stated. “You’ve never stood inside a rock star’s shoes nor have an inkling to what it like to be abused and exploited.”

Motley Crue bassist and songwriter Nikki Sixx also chimed in on Miller’s side, reported Ultimateclassicrock. Following Lefsetz’s commentary, Sixx thanked Miller for his words and recounted his own disdain toward the Rock Hall. Said Sixx: “The sooner this travesty is dismantled (in the name of rock ‘n’ roll) the better.”


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