By Amanda Wicks

Tim Commerford, Rage Against the Machine’s bassist, spoke out against Limp Bizkit earlier this week in an interview with Rolling Stone. Today, the magazine released more from their exchange with the outspoken and conspiracy theory-driven bassist, who opened up about a spate of other topics, including Rage Against the Machine’s future, ISIS and Donald Trump.

Asked if Rage Against the Machine will ever play again, Commerford didn’t provide a hard ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but did confirm they are still a band. “Anything’s possible,” he said. “We are still a band, and we still might play again. We don’t have anything scheduled right now, but you never know what the future will bring.”

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As for the state of the 2016 presidential campaign, Commerford shared his candid thoughts on Trump. “Oh, I’ll tell you what’s going to happen right now,” he explained. “He has united these racist people in America to focus on immigration and at the last minute–mark my words–he’s going to drop out and he’s going to hand the sword over to Jeb [Bush], and Jeb will get all the supporters that Trump has. It’ll probably be another eight years of Bush, which sucks, but I don’t know that that’s any different than eight years of Obama. It’s a bunch of bulls— just like, ‘I’m going to get out of Afghanistan and pull the troops out of Iraq.’ I’m a conspiracy theorist, so you don’t really want to get me started on this.”

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What exactly does a conspiracy theorist believe when it comes to ISIS? “I don’t believe ISIS is real,” Commerford said. “ISIS has been an inspiration for a lot of the songs that I wrote with Wakrat. I don’t believe that all the different factions in the Middle East have gotten together and said, ‘OK, we all hate each other and we all hate America, so let’s all put on the ISIS uniform and join forces and just become ISIS.’ That’s a bunch of s—. I don’t believe the Jihadi John beheading video. Go look at those videos and study them, and see if you don’t think they’re fake.”

Commerford isn’t one to believe everything he sees. In fact, his motto ‘Question everything’ comes into play with his new musical project. “It feels good to find information that doesn’t mesh out,” he said. “I’m into it. I’m proud of who I am. When you hear the [Wakrat] record, it’s there for sure.”


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