Final Post by Kyle the Incredible

Every Beer Blog, Penelope the Orange, Paul the Butcher, and I begin the journey by leaving the station in our KZOK rig. Not only do we have to be punctual, but we also have to include “picking up Sarah” to the itinerary. “Sarah,” I say over the speaker, “your chariot awaits.”  I lug the gear to and fro, I drive the team to the brewery, and all Sarah has to do is stay pretty on the corner as she casually awaits our arrival.


For you see, Elliot Bay Brewing has granted me a gift. The gift of neighborhood proximity. Located in beautiful, beautiful West Seattle (1 of 3 locations) Elliot Bay Brewing resides in my neck of the woods. Conveniently placed a mere 10 minutes away from my abode. “Sarah,” I say over the speaker, “someone else can give you a ride (sorry Penelope), because this time, I AM WALKING.” I tried my best to “stay pretty,” but at the very least you better believe I kept it casual.

We all rendezvoused at the brewery and were immediately welcomed by their incredible hospitality. We shared fantastic beer and even witnessed a collective gathering of Elliot Bay‘s brewers as they tested out new ideas for new brews and gave their taste buds a study guide of what to look for. I had no idea that so much could be spawned from such a slender premises. With their emphasis on organic, in-house made impeccably delicious food, it’s only natural that the beer is made in the same fashion. They spare no expense, and still provide top dollar tastes for your palate. Bravo good people, bravo. It could not have been a better day for an incredible brew excursion.

To Sarah and the Beer Posse, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your crazy journeys, even though I became the pack mule, it was a pack fit for mule-ing. It has been an honor, my friends. And with that, I shall fade into the ether like an adventurous apparition…… and walk the 10 minutes back home.

See you on the other side, Beer Posse.

Elliot Bay, I will see you tonight.

This edition’s beer posse: Sarah, Paul the Butcher, Kyle the Incredible, and Penelope the Orange 


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