Sarah’s Brewery Visit: Counterbalance Brewing Company

by Kyle the Incredible

Now dig this.


  1. a weight that balances another weight.


I would like to believe that the hardship we face on a daily basis is merely a weight that is set upon us. To combat this, we must find an opposing weight to keep us upright. A Yin and Yang, good vs. evil type of thing. Some people find hobbies, some find friends, and some find both.

Through our lives and travels, we have faced many things, but it took us a trip down to Georgetown to find the good that we were looking for. In a sense, we found our opposing weight to the evil.

We found our Counterbalance.

We found Counterbalance Brewing Company.

…….OK maybe it’s not that philosophical, but it takes a pair of gentlemen (and a very relaxed dog) to allow the Beer Posse to intrude while they’re working and show us hospitality, provide insightful answers, and let’s face it, damn good beer. We hung out so long that I think we left indents in the chairs. But they were cool with it, like, coffee house cool. Fancy that. From the fermenter to the taproom, these guys have truly found their balance.

What does a full cup of wonderful beer achieve when it rests on the bar top?



This edition’s beer posse: Sarah, Paul the Butcher, Olivia the Elder, Kyle the Incredible, The Beatnik, and Penelope the Orange would have made it, but we forgot to tell her we were there….. oops.

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