Beast Mode Challenge: Training Tuesday (Team Paul vs. Team Gibbons)


Only one more Tuesday to go before the big time, the big challenge. August 15th. (SIGN UP HERE NOW)

With so many methods of muscle training, cardio conditioning, and healthy dieting to choose from, it only makes sense that we would reach out to the best experts on the block.

But they were busy.

So instead, we bring you Paul and Gibbons. The kind of guys that when you ask them to “compete,” they only agree because they heard the last part of the word. They thought you asked them to “eat.”  This time, however, they’ll be eating Subway sandwiches across the finish line. It wouldn’t be fair to have these two juggernauts on the same team, so we pitted them against each other as they pitted their own shirts.

To help with Training Tuesday, we sought help from Adam Truesdell, a finalist in the ever challenging American Ninja Warrior and a key architect in the Beast Mode Challenge. With his assistance, Pat and Gibbons begin their training at Dynasty Fitness in an attempt  to climb their own personal Mount Midoriyama, or in this video, the 12 feet tall Beast Wall that you can attempt yourself on August 15th.

Who will fail? Who will triumph? Who will be hungry first?

Get your score sheets out, it’s time to join the winning team……


What are you waiting for, you’re not going to get fined….


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