KZOK & Bellevue Brewing Company Present: KZOK Classic Rock Amber

by Kyle the Incredible
*trumpets blare* *trumpets blare*

“Hear ye, hear ye! A grand announcement I say!
Bellevue Brewing Company has allied with K-Z-O-K.
On the Sixth of August, a champion will arise,
to conquer your palette, and to brighten your eyes.
Across land and water, friends will stride to arrive,
on bikes, cars, and even one beaver will fly.

For at this fortress, something magical has happened
A powerful Posse has met with powerful Craftsmen,
At last, with a laugh, a bold woman declared an era,
“Welcome to Bellevue Brewing Company, my name is Sarah.”
The crowd boomed loud and proud as they cheered.
Enemies hugged, and all were flabbergasted by a beer.

A beer.

We all marked our calendars as a mug of it slammed down like a hammer.
On August 6th, join us at Bellevue Brewing Company, as we introduce…….
the KZOK Classic Rock Amber.”

*guitars blare* *guitars blare*

Join Danny, Sarah, Gibbons, Paul, Tori, Kyle The Incredible, Penelope and the entire KZOK Street Team at 6pm Thursday, August 6th at the Taproom at Bellevue Brewing Company, as we unveil the KZOK Classic Rock Amber for the very first time.

Bellevue Brewing Company is located at 1820 – 130th Avenue NE in Bellevue

KZOK Classic Rock Amber is personally approved by Sarah!  And, it’s absolutely a beer worthy of the KZOK “OK” Seal of Approval!  Produced locally and benefiting local charities.  Including Northwest Harvest.

KZOK Classic Rock Amber will be available in draght and bottles starting August 11th.  Ask your favorite Hop Shop or Pub for it by name – KZOK Classic Rock Amber.

Make sure to join us for your first taste of KZOK Classic Rock Amber, Thursday, August 6th at the Taproom of the Bellevue Brewing Company!

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