If you’ve recently scanned Vince Neil‘s Facebook page, you might have wondered why the singer was promoting a self-help book penned by Kristy Sinsara. The answer? He hasn’t, but she has.

Sinsara, who was hired as the Mötley Crüe singer’s social media manager, has just been slapped with a lawsuit by Neil, who claims she’s been making unauthorized posts that the public believes are by him, according to Las Vegas’ Review Journal.

As if that situation—hostile Facebook takeover by a social media manager—didn’t sound icky enough, Sinsara has dragged Neil’s girlfriend Rain Hannah into the matter. “This is not a Vince thing,” Sinsara told Review Journal. “This is a Rain Hannah thing.”

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However according to documents, the issue seems very much to be a “Vince thing.” Apparently the artist hired her to manage his accounts but kept ownership. “Neil agreed to give Sinsara access to and administrative control over his accounts, but Neil retained ownership of the accounts,” the complaint says. “For a period of time Sinsara created content for Neil’s accounts.”

Read more on Radio.com.


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