By Scott Vanderpool

Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett plays the Moore Theater tonight with his Genesis Extended tour, and KZOK’s Vanderpool and Tori will be there.

Tori and Vanderpool are KZOK’s resident Prog-Rock freaks, and they were, as the Brits say “Well Chuffed” four years ago to learn it was the original lineup of Genesis that would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and not just the millions-of-album-selling-radio-hit-having-enormo-dome-stadium-filling lineup of Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Banks. That was the pop era.

The real Progressive Rock came when Phil Collins was the backup-singing drummer (he was really very good at it), Peter Gabriel was the costume-wearing psychedelic frontman, and Steve Hackett was doing dive-bombs and finger tapping guitar solos when Eddie Van Halen was still wearing Huggies.

Hackett quit the band two albums after Gabriel, but the Rock Hall in Cleveland was were to get that original lineup back together in 2010. They’d become more popular in America than they ever had in their heyday, mostly through word-of-mouth from one geeky, pointy headed prog fan to another. Didn’t work out…Collins has a bad lower back and has trouble playing drums, and Gabriel seemed less than interested. Tonight will be as close as you’re gonna get.

Admittedly you don’t hear a lot of OG Genesis on KZOK. The title track to The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway will probably make it into the KZOK Top 1002 Greatest Classic Rock Song of All Time Countdown again this year, but both Peter Gabriel (who quit after that album) and the Phil Collins led era Genesis will have more songs in there.

But real Prog Rock fans know the original stuff is best, and Steve Hackett is playing tons of it tonight at the Moore, with a band of stellar players.



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