The 17 Best Music Halloween Costumes for 2014

By Shannon Carlin

Halloween is less than five days away and if you haven’t found yourself a costume just yet, don’t panic. We’ve got the best musical pairings that will make you the standout among all of those other trick-or-treaters out this year.

So instead of going to Party City to buy some bad mask and cheaply sewn outfit every other person will have, we’ve come up with a few inventive costumes that make the most of this year in pop culture and put your friends’ costumes to shame. Are you a fan of spooking your friends and portmanteaus? Seriously, you will win any Halloween costume contest with any of these choices. We guarantee it.

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Of course, you could just dress as a zombie version of your favorite singer—we took a liking to Jay Zombie—or go as Taylor Swift, since as she told, it’s not really that hard to do. But, wouldn’t it be more fun to be Ariana Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte or Beyonsatan or even Wayne Bitcoyne?

We sure think so.


Wayne Bitcoyne


(Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for CBGB/KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Bye, bye Coinye West. Meet everyone’s favorite new cryptocurrency. Grab a crazy gray wig and a wildly patterned button-down shirt just like Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips. Now paint your face gold. Bonus points if you walk around in a giant plastic bubble. Of course, just blowing bubbles is a totally acceptable, whimsical detail.


The “Real” Lorde


(Mark Davis/Getty Images/Courtesy of Comedy Central)

South Park recently revealed the true identity of Lorde and gave us a great idea for a costume. Buy a long curly haired wig and wear all black. Draw on a mustache. You’re now the “real” Lorde, better known as Randy Marsh.

 “Weird Al” Pacino


(Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

Just when “Weird Al” Yankovic thought he was out of parodies, the pop stars pulled him back in and helped him earn his first No. 1 album ever. But what’s even weirder is Al Pacino’s approach to acting as he gets older, right? This costume will truly live up to the title of “Weird Al,” by combining crazy Hawaiian shirts, receding hairlines and a whole lot of shouting. If you happen to have an accordion lying around, we suggest you put it to good use this Halloween. Boo-ha!

Bob Dillon Francis


(H. Thompson/Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images/Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Samsung Galaxy)

What if Bob Dylan didn’t only plug in, but got all the way turnt up? This Halloween, Dylan becomes an EDM superstar by following Dillon Francis’ lead. Wear a lot of neon clothing, carry around a few glow sticks and become whatever era Bob Dylan you’d like. We suggest going with Dylan circa 1965 — dark curly fro and even darker sunglasses.




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