Stevie Nicks Pulls Haim in for ‘Rhiannon’ Performance in Her Hollywood Home: Watch

In a new interview for T Magazine, a section of the New York Times, novelist Shelia Heti interviews Stevie Nicks and Haim. It was the preference of Nicks, Heti reports, to meet the Haim sisters, a Los Angeles-based all-girl band who have exploded over the last two years.

Nicks gives them lots of advice (about journaling, songwriting and — at their request — insight into managing their burgeoning fame) and apparently gave them a little more: the opportunity to perform one of the songs she wrote for Fleetwood Mac.

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“I believe that if you close your eyes and see yourself up on that stage, being bigger than life, you become that person with that big, really good attitude,” Nicks told the ladies of Haim during the course of the interview.

Nicks and Haim collaborated on a piano-based performance of the hit single “Rhiannon.”

Nicks ends their interview by inviting the girls to attend some Fleetwood Mac rehearsals for their upcoming tour.




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