Listen To Today’s Danny Bonaduce Show – Monday, June 16

Will introduced Firefall at the Lucky Dog Casino over the weekend, and stayed in one of the casino’s cabins. Gibbons and 20 of his friends had a party and built a bonfire Friday night, but the girl he brought hooked up with one of his friends. Later, she called him wanting to hook up, which even Gibbons was reluctant to do. On a much more wholesome note, Mike Jones reports that, after doing nothing for him last Father’s Day, his family gave him the best Father’s Day ever, with thoughtful gifts, a steak dinner, and a book made by Olivia titled “You Are My Star of Today’s Show!” Tori took her dad to the LeMay Car Museum, and Sarah called her dad and learned he has friends in Kansas City. How was your weekend?

In the wake of Father’s Day, Sarah observes that baseball is a sport that both sexes appreciate, and the more and more women are getting into football. On the other hand, while Mike Jones loves it, Sarah does not get car racing. When it comes to differences between the sexes, Danny doesn’t get the female fascination with fancy shampoos. Mike Jones doesn’t get manicures or pedicures. What is something the opposite sex loves that you don’t get?

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, advises a father whose teenage son ran away from home a week ago.

Sarah observes that Gibbons fancies himself to be a player. She pictures him as a guy who would hit on a girl at a funeral. Sarah considers a funeral to be off limits for hitting on people. Have you ever been hit on in an inappropriate place?

All this, and Words of Wisdom from Will, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.

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