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Listen To Today’s Danny Bonaduce Show – Tuesday, April 15

Danny contends Will is doing great, because his diet has resulted in his pants sagging. This prompts a vivid memory for Sarah, the time Danny full-on mooned her, which was yesterday. Sarah distracts us by putting her feet up on counter in front of her, and while it may be distracting for the rest of us, it’s very comfortable for her. Will tries it, and also is instantly relaxed. Sarah needs to be comfortable, because she reports being “banged up” last night by Olivia the Elder. Before your mind takes this comment to the same sordid place Danny’s went, Sarah clarifies that they drank a bit too much last night. Sarah and Olivia had multiple mint juleps. Will inquires as to the whereabouts of Sarah’s imaginary, bikini-clad friend Vanessa during this drink fest. Sarah says Vanessa wasn’t yet home from work. At the lingerie factory.

Danny went to the movies over the weekend, and we aren’t surprised that he chose not to see the new movie starring American treasure Kevin Costner. Lots of other people didn’t either, as “Draft Day” underwhelmed at the box office. Sarah suggests Danny has never seen a sports movie, but he counters that he has seen many of them. His favorite: “Cool Runnings,” the Jamaican bobsled team movie. What would you say is greatest sports movie of all time?

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, helps a mom whose husband has decided that he doesn’t want their daughter spending the night at her boyfriend’s house even though she is about to turn 18.

Sarah had intended to set her alarm to wake up to see the lunar eclipse, the “red moon,” but she didn’t (see: mint juleps, above). She was relieved to learn it was too cloudy to see it. She may have missed that, but she reports she recently saw a circular rainbow around the sun. Will recently texted Sarah a picture of a double rainbow. Danny has seen the aurora borealis. What natural phenomenon has blown your mind?

All this, and Sarah’s Filthy Forecast, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.

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