Yesterday Danny was excited by the strange Japanese juice boxes that he found in Chinatown. He has more today, plum and vinegar flavored. The presence of juice meant he didn’t need to visit the vending machine yesterday, so he set his six quarters aside in the studio until the next day, cleverly hidden under the juice box. And this morning, the juice is still there, but the quarters are not! Danny had figured, if the quarters went missing, Sarah or Will probably took them to prank him, but their reactions this morning assure him of their innocence. Among the leading suspects is Gary Crow, though he likes to flaunt the hundreds of dollars in cash he is likely to have on his person, especially to Will. To illustrate the wealth of Gary Crow, Danny recalls a dinner double-date at the Met where the bill came to $600. A financial tip from Danny: to feel good about splurging on dinner, limit your bill to $42.

Vladimir Putin, Russia, Pussy Riot, Iran, commies, China, East Germany, ice skating, Danny’s calves, the “You Could Be a Ref” jingle, Danny driving, triple camel toe lutz things, roller blading, Tori’s mom, and Danny’s ex who tried to kill him fill up the space between 7:00 and 7:15.

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, advises a landlord who has a tenant who has stopped paying the rent.

Sarah recalls seeing a guy in Philadelphia who would drive around in a van painted with “The world is ending!” and a date. He was always wrong, but then he died, so for him that day `he was right. We’re reminded of other end of the world predictions, like 2012 and Y2K. Sarah points out that Mike Jones has theorized that sinkholes will lead to the end of the world. Sarah’s vision of the end of the world will be more like “Resident Evil” or “The Walking Dead,” that a man-made industrial accident will trigger the zombie apocalypse. Do you or someone you know have a theory about how the world will end?

All this, Sarah’s Filthy Forecast, and we take calls from defenders of the worthiness of Guam, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.


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